Argentina’s LGBTQ+ Community Voices Concerns Over President Milei’s Policies

By LG Staff

By LG Staff

May 14, 2024

In Argentina, LGBTQ+ advocates are raising concerns over the policies of newly-elected President Javier Milei, accusing his administration of undoing years of progress in social inclusivity.

Luana Salva, who transitioned from street prostitution to a formal job in the Foreign Ministry thanks to a quota law promoting transgender inclusion in the workforce, found herself abruptly dismissed amid President Milei’s austerity measures. This abrupt turn of events reflects a broader political shift in Argentina, where previously progressive administrations are giving way to a self-described “anarcho-capitalist” leader.

President Milei’s vocal opposition to what he terms “woke” ideologies has alarmed LGBTQ+ activists, who perceive his policies as rolling back hard-won gains. His government has dismantled diversity and equity programs, closed ministries focused on women and diversity, and revoked gender-focused legislation, including measures supporting transgender employment quotas.

These actions starkly contrast with Argentina’s recent history of progressive social reforms, including legalizing same-sex marriage and recognizing gender identity rights. The employment quota law for transgender individuals, passed under the previous administration, is now under threat, with layoffs affecting transgender civil servants.

While Milei’s administration attributes the layoffs to broader austerity measures, LGBTQ+ activists argue that these policies disproportionately impact marginalized communities. They accuse the government of targeting gender-focused positions and undermining efforts to combat discrimination.

In response, LGBTQ+ activists have taken to the streets, protesting against what they perceive as a regression in rights and protections. For individuals like Ariel Heredia, who lost their job and vital healthcare access as a result of the layoffs, the fight for equality has taken on renewed urgency.

As Argentina navigates this political and social upheaval, LGBTQ+ advocates are determined to resist any rollback of their hard-fought rights and protections, even as they face uncertain times under Milei’s administration.

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