Camila Mendes Advocates for More Representation of the Brazilian American Experience in

By LG Staff

By LG Staff

May 9, 2024

Since her breakout role in the CW series “Riverdale” in 2017, Camila Mendes has become one
of Hollywood’s most prominent Brazilian American stars. Despite her success in projects like
Netflix’s “Do Revenge” and Hulu’s “Palm Springs,” Mendes reveals a surprising fact: she hasn’t
received a single script featuring a Brazilian character. “I get offers for roles of various Latinas,
but never Brazilian,” she notes.
This gap in representation propelled Mendes towards her latest endeavor, “Música,” a
coming-of-age musical romantic comedy directed by and starring Rudy Mancuso, which
premiered at the South by Southwest Film and TV Festival. In “Música,” Rudy, an aspiring artist,
navigates his future amidst the influences of his overbearing mother (played by Maria
Mancuso), his girlfriend Haley (Francesca Reale), and his new crush, Isabella (Mendes). The
film offers a unique take on the musical genre, with sequences brought to life through Rudy’s
synesthesia, where everyday scenes become part of a vibrant symphony.
Initially hesitant due to Mancuso’s status as a first-time director and his background in YouTube
and Vine, Mendes was won over by his passion for the project and his commitment to
showcasing the Brazilian American experience. Reflecting on her decision to join the film,
Mendes admits, “I always knew I was going to take the role. How could I say no to this
Beyond the screen, the film’s love story took on a real-life dimension, with Mancuso and
Mendes celebrating their one-year anniversary last July. “Música” is set to stream on Prime
Video starting April 4th.


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