Chile to Introduce New AI Regulation Bill This May

By LG Staff

By LG Staff

May 9, 2024

Chile’s government will present a new AI regulation bill to Congress this May, announced Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation, Aisén Etcheverry. The bill, differing from previous proposals, introduces a risk-based regulatory framework aimed at fostering innovation while ensuring safety in AI applications.

The initiative, prompted by President Boric, seeks to integrate human factors into technology adoption, ensuring widespread benefits from AI advancements. According to Minister Etcheverry, the bill is designed to enhance state capabilities in managing emerging technologies and aligns with global standards discussed at recent OECD meetings.

The proposed legislation will not preemptively require technology certifications but will classify AI systems by risk level. High-risk applications will face strict controls, whereas lower risks will have fewer restrictions. This approach aims to stimulate innovation without compromising safety.

Further, the bill outlines administrative sanctions for violations, to be enforced by the newly established Data Protection Agency. It also allows for judicial recourse in cases of damage or injury caused by AI systems. The legislation will provide controlled testing environments, or sandboxes, for startups to innovate safely under regulatory oversight, fostering growth in Chile’s tech sector.

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